MINTWAY Portal White paper

ver 1.0

What is MINTWAY Portal?

It is the world's first NFT portal site that connects/provides information and services of various NFT-related business Dapps with the global NFT market.

In the MINTWAY portal, there is MINTWAY Market, a new concept market service where you can trade NFT by dividing the ownership of NFTs beyond the concept of simply buying and selling NFTs, and using NFT licenses to get profits. And by providing the MINTWAY Dapp Platform, which collects and services numerous Dapps related to NFT business such as NFT ticket Dapp that provides online concerts, movies, performances, exhibitions, etc., Travel 360o Dapp that allows you to view the relevant information of the travel area as it is, and Metaverse Luxury Dapp that purchases virtual luxury goods and applies them to avatars and shares them on social media, it provides new services that have not been seen before, such as allowing numerous users who produce NFTs to earn more diverse profits.

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