The NFT portal we are going to make is like YAHOO, where users can see NFT-related information, news, NFT market, NFT products, etc. at a glance, and provide a variety of information to NFT users so that they can search and find related information. By developing a wallet that can manage blockchain networks as one, users can create NFTs in the blockchain network they want.

In particular, the NFT market links the other NFT markets and serves as an information providing market that moves directly to the linked market when a user selects a market or NFT, and as a MINTWAY market where multiple ownership and licenses are traded and use.

In addition, MINTWAY, which collects global Dapp platforms and allows users to use them, will be produced for each platform such as ticket (concert, movie, exhibition), social media (personal broadcast, sound source, video), travel (Travel 360o, travel information), webtoon, games, media works, etc. so that numerous Dapps can be connected.

Through this, it is provided in the form of an open market such as a space where businesses using Dapps related to NFT can be gathered in one place to compete and market with each other.

Based on such a platform, we plan to build a new system that can sell NFT ownership + use NFT licenses to serve a new market where numerous users can use their NFTs without having to sell them to other users to generate profits.

The structure of the MINTWAY portal consists of four companies organically connected, providing information on global companies operating NFT markets and Dapp businesses, and serving users' NFT contents.

A trust is a company that preserves, manages, operates, and settles existing NFTs when they are sold as multi-fractionalization or licenses in the MINTWAY market, and is a company that operates and preserves the actual value of NFTs. A third-party independent custody company or professional trust management company that has no equity relationship with the foundation will take over by contract.

Foundation develops a wallet that can integrate all blockchain networks related to cryptocurrencies and NFTs that can be traded in the MINTWAY market, numerous global Dapp businesses linked thereto, Dapp businesses directly operated, and communities operated within the MINTWAY portal.

Direct Business develops a separate Dapp to develop a business directly operated within the MINTWAY portal and operates the media, metaverse, and membership that are essential services in the MINTWAY portal and researches and develops NFT-related businesses in the future so that plan to serve a wider variety of businesses.

In addition, we will connect any market for free through a contract with the global NFT market and view it on the MINTWAY portal, and when a user clicks on the relevant NFT market or clicks on the NFT work, they will be able to connect to the site and view direct information at any time.

This is to be faithful to the basic concept of the portal, and even the MINTWAY market that we produce ourselves will show the same as other NFT markets. However, the MINTWAY market, which provides multiple division of ownership and license, is provided as a separate market because there is no service currently available.

In particular, the MINTWAY portal boldly breaks away from the structure in which the NFT market is minted with only one blockchain network and moves only on that network or sells only in that market.

By supporting minting in all blockchain networks, you can sell them regardless of blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Symbol, Ripple, etc., and create a wallet that integrates all blockchain networks to sell within the MINTWAY porta.

In addition, many companies doing Dapp business register their content suitable for the corresponding category on the platform, so that users using the MINTWAY portal can easily see and enjoy it, and create a membership service that can use it so that more users can use it and increase profits and will be provided distribution service.

In addition, various information such as NFT news is also provided through the NFT Dapp, and cryptocurrencies that can be used on the MINTWAY portal will be provided in consideration of the article rank and the number of times read by each category. More details will be mentioned in the corresponding chapter.

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