4. Use and revenue of NFT content

The NFT market is still in its infancy, and most of it consists of items using simple images, but new contents will appear in large numbers through various businesses.

However, NFT only proves ownership, and cannot divide and sell ownership like general tangible assets and intangible assets, and there is no system for license sale, rental, use, and profit. In other words, no matter how many different NFTs are created, unless the problem of ownership division or license is resolved, only proof of ownership is possible, but the creation and distribution of profits is not easy.

For example, within the category of Sound, there are numerous sounds, such as songs that can be heard by many people, BGM used as background music for videos and Effect Sound using various sounds, but if they are NFTized, only one person can use them.

Then, there will be no one who wants to make creations such as sound, video, image, document, etc. in fields that many users can use with NFT, and the NFT market will still not be able to deviate from existing contents such as collections, works of art, and game items.

If, in addition to simply holding or selling, an environment is created where general users can use NFTs at a much lower cost than the purchase price rather than purchasing NFTs, in which the value can be confirmed. From the creator's point of view, they will be able to earn profits from the license without having to sell the ownership or copyright. In addition, if the record of how many users have been used is shown to general users, it will be possible to easily determine the value of NFT license revenue and also the value of ownership.

In addition, if it is an NFT that can obtain a profit value, many users will want to purchase the NFT and get profit from use, and from the creator's point of view, a new market that divides the ownership of the NFT and sells a certain share so that the creator can receive a share of the profit from the use Rescue is also possible.

In order to keep such licenses stable, it is necessary to link the laws related to copyright registration in each country and the relevant organizations that operate them, but for most personal creations, you can manage the ownership and use rights and earn profits through a contract with a general company or trust company without registering for copyright.

The NFT market can be further developed differently from now by just adding a license right away from the simple sales method of the existing NFT market, and through this, a more diverse NFT market ecosystem will be activated.

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