Legal Notice

(1) this Whitepaper has been distributed only for general reference purposes to the MINTWAY Platform project based on the time of writing and may be reviewed and modified. The information described in this document may be changed or updated from time to time.

(2) No one is obliged to enter into a related contract or legally binding pledge with the sale of MINTWAY Platform Token(Minti), and no funds shall be received on the basis of this Whitepaper.

(3) This Whitepaper shall not, in any event, constitute a token sale or purchase offer from an Token issuer/distributor/company, and the presentation of this document (or document itself) should not be considered or relied on for any contract or investment decision.

(4) This Whitepaper is not provided in a business plan, business statement, proposal, etc., and should not be construed as an investment offer or recruitment, such as securities, units of business trust, units of the collective investment plan, etc.

(5) The Token is a not a securities product, and accordingly, for the avoidance of doubt, nothing in this white paper should be construed to mean that (i) the holder of the Token will receive a financial benefit by virtue of their holding, ownership or possession of the Token; (ii) that MINTWAY has a legal obligation to repay the holder in full or part for his purchase of any Token (whether by refunds or redemption or otherwise); (iii) that the Minti Token will provide the holder with direct or indirect exposure to assets of MINTWAY; or (iv) the Minti Token will provide the holder with a payment of interest.

(6) The information in this Whitepaper has not been reviewed, inspected, or approved by regulators. This action has not been taken in any jurisdiction and will never be taken.

(7) If you wish to purchase Token, you should not understand, interpret, classify, or treat Token as follows:.

- Money other than cryptocurrency

- Bonds and stocks issued by any institution

- Rights, options, derivatives for these bonds and stocks

- The rights under contracts for difference or other contracts to guarantee investment returns or to avoid losses

- Units or derivatives of securities, such as collective investment plans and business trusts

Restrictions on distribution and propagation

(1) Distribution or propagation of all or part of this whitepaper may be prohibited and restricted by the laws or regulatory requirements of any jurisdiction. If the restrictions apply, you must be aware of, seek legal advice, and comply with, and Cloudlabs Pte. Ltd. and it’s employees, representatives, associates, etc. (hereinafter referred to as ‘we and affiliates') are not responsible for them.

(2) If you have read or possessed this white paper due to distribution and dissemination, you must not share this white paper or its contents with others for any purpose in any other way such as distribution, duplication, etc. and must not allow or cause this situation.

Excluding Responsibility

(1) Related services provided by Token, us and our affiliates are provided 'as it is' and 'as possible'. We and our affiliates state that they do not explicitly or implicitly guarantee or describe the accessibility, quality, suitability, accuracy, adequacy, completeness, and that they bear no responsibility for errors, delays, omissions, or actions taken dependent on them.

(2) We and our affiliates do not describe, guarantee, promise, or claim to any subject or individual any form of authenticity, accuracy or completeness, including the information set forth in this Whitepaper.

(3) We and our affiliates assume no contractual or tort liability, for any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential losses (including but not limited to losses in investment/income/profit, utilization, and data) arising from your acceptance or reliance on this Whitepaper. And this applies to the fullest extent permitted by applicable laws and regulations.

Warning for future forecasting statements

(a) Certain expressions in this Whitepaper contain predictable statements about the future, future events, prospects, etc. of the project. These are not historical fact-based statements and are identified by similar expressions to words such as 'scheduled', 'estimated', 'believed', 'predicted', and 'expected'. In addition to this Whitepaper, presentations, interviews, videos, and other publications may include these future forecast statements. The forward-looking statements contained in this Whitepaper include, but are not limited to, future results, performance, and achievements of us and our affiliates.

(b) Future forecasting statements contain a variety of risks and uncertainties. These statements do not guarantee future performance and should not be overly dependent. When risks and uncertainties materialize into reality, the actual performance and development of us and our affiliates may differ from the expectations set by the future forecast statements. We and our affiliates are under no obligation to provide updates on future forecast statements. You are solely responsible for the non-realization of the forward-looking statements if you act on the basis of future forecast statements contained in this Whitepaper, our and our affiliates' homepages and other materials.

(c) As of the date this Whitepaper was created, the MINTWAY Platform is not complete or fully operational. Although an explanation has been made on the premise that the MINTWAY Platform will be complete and fully operational in the future, it should not be interpreted as a guarantee or commitment to its completion and full operations.

Potential Risk

(a) Before deciding to purchase and participate in the Token, we recommend that you read the following carefully and fully analyze and understand the factors and risks involved. Risks include, but are not limited to:

(i) Risk of storage-related buyers' negligence, such as restriction of access to Token due to loss of identification and loss of essential personal keys related to digital wallets stored Token.

(ii) Risk of changes in value after the publication of Token due to global market and economic conditions. We may not be able to fund the development of the Minti ecosystem or maintain the Minti ecosystem in its intended direction due to this uncertainty in Token value.

(iii) Risks associated with changes such as changes in the political, social, and economic environment, changes in the stock or cryptocurrency market environment, changes in the regulatory environment of the countries in which we and our affiliates operate, and changes in their ability to survive or compete in such environment. Existing/new regulations on blockchain technology that are disadvantageous to Token can be applied in certain jurisdictions, which can lead to significant changes in Minti ecosystem and projects, such as Token abolition/loss.

(iv) Risks related to changes in the future capital needs of us and our affiliates, and changes in the availability of capital and financing to meet them. Lack of funding can affect the development of the MINTWAY Platform and the use and potential value of the Token.

(v) Our platform activities may be suspended, disbanded, or launch plans may be suspended for various reasons, such as adverse changes in Token value, business relationship failure, or competitor's intellectual property rights claims during development/operation. And this may negatively affect the Minti ecosystem, Token, and the potential use of Token.

(vi) Risks related to the lack of interest by companies, individuals, and other organizations in the MINTWAY Platform and services and the limited public interest in the creation and development of distributed applications. This lack of interest may limit funding or affect the development of the MINTWAY Platform and the utilization and potential value of Token.

(vii) Risk of applying significant changes to key features and specifications of the Token or MINTWAY Platform prior to the launch or implementation of the MINTWAY porject and the Minti ecosystem. The MINTWAY intends that the capabilities of Token and MINTWAY will be consistent with the contents of the Whitepaper, but these changes are nonetheless applicable.

(viii) Risks of competition between Token and other platforms that could potentially adversely affect the MINTWAY Platform (e.g., when do not achieve commercial success or have a bleak outlook by competitive projects).

(ix) Risk of interfering with MINTWAY Platform infrastructure and Token utilization by intentionally or unintentionally planting harmful or malicious codes on MINTWAY Platform by third parties or other individuals. The blockchain used in the platform is also vulnerable to such attacks, so it poses a risk to the operation of the platform and related services.

(x) The occurrence of catastrophic events such as natural disasters by force majeure may affect our and our affiliates' business operations and other factors beyond our control. Mining attacks, attacks by hackers or other individuals may result in theft or loss of Token sales revenue, theft or loss of Token, and impairment of Minti ecosystem development capabilities.

(xi) Token and other cryptocurrencies are new, unproven technologies and are continuously evolving. The full functionality of Token is not yet complete and there is no guarantee of completion. As technology advances, advances in encryption technologies and methods, changes in consensus protocols and algorithms, and so on can pose risks to Token, MINTWAY porjects, the Minti ecosystem, and the use of Token.

(xii) Token grants no decision rights to any other entity regarding the MINTWAY porject, the Minti ecosystem, us, etc. All decisions, including discontinuation of products, services, Minti ecosystem, etc., additional creation, sale and liquidation, etc. of tokens utilized in the Minti ecosystem, are made in our sole discretion.

(xiii) Token's tax and accounting practices are uncertain and may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Purchases of Token may negatively affect tax processing and are encouraged to seek independent tax advice. In addition to the risks stated above, there are other risks that we and our affiliates may not anticipate. Or there can also be risks of unexpected combinations and variations.

(b) Our and our affiliates' business, financial position, operational outcomes, and prospects may be substantially and negatively affected if the risks and uncertainties above are developed in practice. In such cases, you may lose some or all of your Token value.

Disclaimer for additional information and updates

With respect to Token, we, our affiliates, and related businesses and operations, no one has the right to provide information/explanation other than those contained in this white paper, and even if such information/explanation is provided, our or our affiliate’s authority should not be construed as granted or representative of them.

Participation restrictions

If the identity information provided by the person who intends to participate in the token transaction related to the white paper is insufficient, inaccurate, or otherwise misleading, or if it is presumed to be a restricted participant, the token purchase request may be rejected at any time. In addition, you must not participate in token transactions with funds from crimes such as drug transactions, or participate in token transactions for money laundering or terrorist financing. If a restricted participant purchases tokens or for illegal and unauthorized funds and purposes, transactions may be prohibited and restricted at any time, and such token purchases may be canceled or void.

Also, citizens of countries that prohibit or restrict cryptocurrency trading, such as Singapore, cannot participate in the purchase of tokens and must not participate in any way.

No advice

No information in this white paper shall be regarded as business, legal, financial or tax advice for Token, MINTWAY Platform, us or our affiliates. For Token, we and our affiliates, and related businesses and operations, we recommend that you seek advice from other experts such as legal, finance, and taxation. The financial risk of purchasing Token may apply indefinitely.

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