6. MINTWAY Ecosystem

As the first NFT portal, MINTWAY integrates NFT business and shows it to users. Through the MINTWAY market, it breaks away from the existing simple sales concept and provides new services such as fraction of ownership and use of licenses and provides a platform for Dapps that users can participate themselves to obtain the profits.

In addition, by storing, managing, operating, and providing certificates for NFTs through trusts, NFTs clearly define the concept of digital assets and give them real asset values.

In addition, when other NFT markets or companies that provide Dapp services request, they can enter the MINTWAY ecosystem through a separate contract, and the MINTWAY will secure users through continuous Dapp development.

All of this is to enable users with NFTs to make money through their digital assets and diversify the types of NFTs so that more users can make their own content with NFTs.

Therefore, we intend to provide users with an ecosystem with an infinite number of demanders as a new business in which users naturally form an ecosystem through three services: the MINTWAY portal, the MINTWAY market, and the MINTWAY Dapp platform.

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