C. Technology and Ownership

The current NFT technology is to upload one's own work (images, etc.) to the server, then minting it to produce NFT, record the link value and proof of ownership in the metadata in the token, and prevent tampering and prove ownership through the distributed ledger of the blockchain network.

However, in the NFT market, even simple technologies such as watermark and download prevention are not applied to protect works, and users who have purchased NFT can't know the ID and PW information that can be downloaded and deleted by the original creator on the cloud server. In the end, there is only a distributed ledger that only the ownership has been transferred to the buyer, and the actual operation and management of the work can be done only by the original creator.

For this reason, in order to implement a true NFT, the distributed ledger that records the original work and proof of ownership in the NFT must be recorded in the metadata together. However, if the original is large, it is difficult to store the original and the ownership record together because it is difficult for all nodes participating in the network for the current internet speed and decentralization of the blockchain.

In addition, as each country has different laws such as patents and licenses for proof of ownership made by NFT, the possibility of legal disputes is very high.

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